October 7, 2020

10 Ways to Make Sure Your Makeup Doesn’t Show Up Bad on Camera

Your Wedding Day will probably be one of the biggest and most emotional day of your life; and for us girls, that means we have to be extra careful about not ruining our makeup for our photos.

Whether you’re doing your makeup by yourself or hiring a makeup artist you will want to keep these tips in mind so your makeup lasts all day.

1. Always start with a primer

It fills in fine lines and fades imperfections that the camera lens can often magnify. Invest in a good one, it’ll really make a difference instead of using a drug store brand.

2. Remember your neck

If you stop your foundation at your jawline, your face/neck color difference could be noticeable in photos (even if the contrast isn’t noticeable in your mirror).

3. Avoid reverse raccoon eyes

Mix under-eye concealer with a bit of foundation before applying. This helps prevent skin-brightening concealer from popping out and looking too white when a flash hits.

4. Frame your face

Dust a sheer bronzer (like Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder) just around the perimeter to flatteringly shape your face and take the focus off your forehead.

5. Get some powder

If you always have major T-zone shine and regular powder doesn’t cut it, try a blotting powder, like MAC Blot Powder, this stuff will be your new best friend.

6. Reinforce your brows

Brows bring out your bone structure in photos. Subtly sketch them in with a bit of pencil so they don’t disappear in photos

7. Upgrade to liquid liner

Even if you usually use pencil, liquid will define your eyes more for photos and can still look natural; just trace a thin line extra-close to your lashes.

8. Brighten your blush

Don’t be scared to go a bit brighter, just be sure to blend around the edges, and choose a blush that has gleam but not noticeable sparkles. It’ll make you look radiant when the flash hits your face.

9. Dabble in lip liner

Even if you hate the stuff, try using it just on your upper V and outer corner.

10. Relax and feel pretty!

“Remember that a smile will brighten your face and is always better than any lipstick or mascara!”

Now you may be wondering “What does a photographer know about makeup?”. Well, I used to be a makeup artist in a past life and I believe makeup should enhance your beauty.