- Katarina

“When I was a little girl fairy tales were my favorite books because even before you opened them you knew how they are going to end.
Happily ever after.”



My name is Katarina, but people find it easier to call me Kat; which is cool by me, I love cats! Get it

Speaking of cats, I have two lovely ones named Winnie and Miyo. But if I could have all the dogs and cats in the universe, my life would be complete, lol. Got pets yourself? Don't forget to tell me! 

My photography journey started back in 2018 when I was a model. I shifted to the back side of the lens because I feel in love editing photos that tell a story. By being on both sides of the lens I have a vast knowledge of posing and what it feels like being in front of the camera; that way YOU can be and feel relaxed!

I love capturing those pure and authentic moments when you push the trigger on the camera. That look as if they are frozen in time, forever.

What do I love capturing? Weddings, weddings, weddings. They are an absolute joy and humbling to be able to photograph. Each one holds their own story and those stories create fairytales. I know, corny, but I love that!

I also love capturing unique portraits. I'm not a simple point and shoot photographer. I really love planning out sessions and being more creative with the location, outfits, colors, props, themes, etc. My portrait sessions are perfect for someone that is looking for something different than just smiling at the camera. 

My Story

Being able to be behind the camera as apart of any moment in your life, when you are being inexplicably yourself, and capturing that is an honor. I hope you'll trust me capturing your moments that will last a lifetime.

Hi there!

Fun Facts











I'm married to a wonderful husband, dreaming of the day we are house-owners

I grew up training to become a professional ballet dancer

My secret hobby?
I love making elegant & intricate costumes & dresses!

I dream of owning a Bengal cat one day

Destination bucket list: Ireland, Greece
Scotland, France
England, Japan
South Korea, Italy