October 9, 2020

How to Choose the BEST Location for Your Engagement Photos

One of the most popular questions I get regarding engagement sessions (second to posing tips) is with regards to a location. So I thought I’d share a few other ways you can choose a location for your long-awaited engagement photos.

Think about where you first met

If you’re sentimental like me then you’ll want to have photos done in a place that means something to both of you. If you choose the location where you first met, then your engagement photos will always remind you of that sweet day when you met your partner.

Consider your hometown

If you live in a picturesque area then your hometown might be the perfect location for your shoot!

Go back to where he (or she) proposed

Just imagine having lovely photos of the two of you at the place where he got on one knee!

Choose a place that you visit often

From Disney to the beach, I’ll travel with you anywhere.

Find a place that suits your interests and personalities

Do you love the outdoors? Do you prefer a big city? Think about how you like to spend your time together and choose a place based on that.

Consider the time of day

Remember that in photography, light is everything. So if you plan to have a sunset engagement session, be sure that the light will be flattering at that time of the day!

Pay attention to the season

Some locations are prettier during a specific time of year. If you know you want spring photos, do a little research and find out which locations look best at that time of year.

Think about the types of outfits you’d like to wear

Make sure your outfits fit the location and vibe of the place you’ve chosen. Flowy dresses for a beach. Something elegant or formal for a university location.

Make sure the location fits your needs

This one is especially important if you’re bringing your doggy along on your shoot! You don’t want to choose a place that isn’t dog friendly!

Head to your venue

You can always get photos early at your venue. Think of it as a stress-free practice day. You’ll be even more excited about coming back on your wedding day

Go somewhere picturesque

There isn’t a rule that says the location of your engagement session has to be meaningful thanks to something that happened there previously. If you love the location and the light is good there, I encourage you to go for it! The place will become meaningful to you once you’ve had your session there.

Make it thematic

If you have a special holiday, hobby, or season consider planning a session based on those details that are special to the two of you.

If you got to the end of this list and still don’t have any ideas then reach out to me. I make it my personal duty to find the best locations for my clients.